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April 2nd, 2011

We are very grateful for the support of SDL in the support of the Nakatonya Group. In this project SPAU are training a community of 35 people in commercial poultry management.

Beneficiaries under this project initially receive a two-day training course on managing poultry as an income-generating activity (IGA). Participants are given practical advice on preparing suitable structures to raise their poultry stock and when these are ready, they are then provided with the chicks.

The project recently purchased 1080 chicks and created 27 poultry houses with associated feeding and drinking troughs. It has also provided the necessary vaccinces and supportive drugs which are required.

The beneficiaries of the project:

  • have been able to attain modern knowledge of raising poultry and this has helped them to create a poultry disease free environment;
  • have learnt a new modern local way of hatching eggs (this involves using the chickens to act as an incubator) and egg handling;
  • have formed a support group where they collect 2000/= every week from each individual and every week one individual gets 74,000 (this is called a village bank);
  • have been able to generate a startup capital for the 37 beneficiaries. These are the two first projects in area where they have received pigs, chicks, feeds, vaccines, feeders and drinkers even the Ugandan government through its program of NAADS only gave them training in piggery and did not give them pigs not until SPAU came in and gave them 50% support; and
  • have come together to undertake the project. It is the first time in the area that people of different religions and tribes have come together to do the same project.

This project wouldn't have been possible without the support SDL. The Nakatonya Group, SPAU and Uganda Reflex are indebted to them.


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