Poultry Income Generating Project

About the Project

Beneficiaries under this project initially receive a two-day training course on managing poultry as an income-generating activity (IGA). Follow-up training is also provided during implementation of the poultry project.

Participants  are given practical advice on preparing suitable structures to raise their poultry stock and when these are ready, they are then provided with the chicks. These are raised for 3-12 months, depending on whether they are used for egg or meat production:

  • Commercial egg production: mature at 5-7 months, can lay eggs for 12 months consistently.
  • Commercial meat production: mature at 3-5 months.

Beneficiaries are provided with the necessary vaccines and some foodstuffs for the first 3 months of the project, at which time the projects are usually self-sustaining.

Typical Project Costs

A project benefiting 15 members in a group costs up to UGX 3,000,000 (approx £1,000.00).

They typical breakdown of costs is as follows:

  • Training cost for 15 beneficiaries - £110
  • Poultry start-up kit for 1 individual - £35
  • Support for 1 individual for 3 months leading up to self-sustenance - £15

Project Video

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Case Study

Mama Issa's Story

Mama Issa is one of several SPAU poultry project beneficiaries. She is a typical single parent, caring for her children, her elderly mother, and sometimes her grandchildren.

She told SPAU how her resources were stretched and that she couldn’t afford to pay her son’s school fees prior to starting poultry project. After the implementation of the project, she now collects a tray of eggs every two days from her poultry and sells it for UGX 4,500. This has helped Mama Issa to pay the UGX 60,000 per term school fees as well as for the national exam registration.

Through the poultry IGA, SPAU aims to extend the life-changing benefits demonstrated by Mama Issa to other single parent beneficiaries.


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