Tailoring Income Generating Project

About the Project

Beneficiaries under this project are inducted through a 5 month course in tailoring skills. During this training, beneficiaries learn and develop skills in making shirts, trousers, skirts, school uniforms, African traditional wear such as: kanzu, gomesi, and kitenge.

At the end of the skills empowerment training, the beneficiaries usually have two options:

  • finding employment in an established tailoring business
  • signing up to receive a sewing machine, on loan from SPAU, to begin self-employment. The beneficiaries under this arrangement are expected to repay a small cost every month towards the purchase of the sewing machines over the period of the next 12 months from the time that they begin to engage the machine that they have received on loan, commercially.

Typical Project Costs

A project benefiting 10 members costs a total of UGX 4,000,000 (approx £1,400).


  • 5 month training course for 10 members - £650
  • 1 sewing machine with treadle base for 1 individual - £70
  • Investment costs for training activity - £50



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Case Study

Vicky Nassolo's Story

Vicky Nassolo is a recent beneficiary of the tailoring training. Before she got involved in the project, she was unemployed and had no skills, having dropped out of school to raise her child.

A young single parent, Vicky struggled with life until she was discovered by Sarah Nabiteete (SPAU group leader) and recommended for the project.

Vicky has learnt a skill and is now awaiting a sewing machine of her own, with which she can become self-employed. In the meantime, she is working with the SPAU tailoring group in Kaliro to complete a local school order for boys’ uniforms.



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