Overview of Uganda Reflex


Uganda Reflex was set up in 2004 to provide assistance to a small and indigenous charitable operation in Uganda called SPAU – the Single Parent’s Association of Uganda. In 2007 the charity was awarded charitable status in the UK (no 1114929).


Uganda Reflex has three main aims, which
are to:

  • develop support systems among people in their local neighbourhood as community groups;
  • help people start up businesses to generate a sustainable income; and
  • help finance community projects such as building orphanages and schools.

Uganda Reflex currently implements these aims by working with SPAU in Uganda.

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Over the last few months we've been developing some material to promote the work of Uganda Reflex and SPAU. A flyer outlining our work can now been downloaded from this website. Click here to download the flyer.


Our Projects

Uganda Reflex and our partners, the Single Parents Association of Uganda (SPAU), aim to empower poor and marginalised single parents and their families to increase their household incomes and to provide a forum through which marginalised single parents can fearlessly campaign for the respect of their rights, as equal members of society.

We build the skills, knowledge and capacity of single parents by engaging them under small community-based groups in participative processes of needs assessment, drawing up and implementing sustainable strategies to enable them to overcome conditions of poverty and disadvantage in their lives. The approaches involve the implementation of income generating activities/projects (IGA) at either individual or group-level for the beneficiary single parents.

We aim to empower beneficiary single parents to provide an additional and reliable income for their households through proceeds realised from their projects, to enable them meet their basic needs such as:

  • household utilities
  • food
  • paraffin for lighting
  • clothing
  • costs of their children’s schooling such as uniforms, books and other stationery

We generally support small projects in order to reach communities with single parents. Many of our projects are suitable for carrying out around the homestead where children can be looked after at the same time.

We aim to help as many people as possible and so we endeavour to make our projects self supporting within 6 months of commencement. We've seen many times, the people who were initially helped become the helpers in training and supporting new people in their enterprises.

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Uganda Reflex is a registered charity in England, number 1114929